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welcome to my blog. i've been busy, thanks for asking!

  • january: depression
  • february: depression
  • march: depression, working on a conference talk
  • april: working on a conference talk, apartment search
  • may: apartment search, moving
  • june: moving, unpacking

i am presently not depressed, living on the moon, and here to share the talk i gave at causal islands in april. the talk title is "CONDEMNED TO COMPUTE: HOW WITNESSING THE LAST 20 YEARS OF COMPUTING TELLS ME WE’RE GOING TO BE PUNISHED WITH AT LEAST ANOTHER 20" and you can watch it in its entirety, for free, here:

this was my first conference (attendance and talk) since 2019, and it turns out that it's just as much hard work and chaos as it's ever been plus there's the newly added anxiety of traveling in a post-andrew-cuomo-cancelled world. andy (my partner, not a cuomo) came with me and we got to eat a lot of good food along with what one restaurant boasted as "the sofia loren of tiramisu." i think it just was sofia loren's recipe? it was okay! they garnished it with 3 blueberries, which was certainly a choice.

i very much enjoyed the other talks i watched (i specifically gave a shout out to mauve, david ogborn and geoffrey litt's talks in my own). it's an honor to be considered a a peer among such a creative group of artistic, academic, and future-thinking educators that advocate for community governance and a decentralized web.

a few things i wanted to note:

  1. if you are giving a talk with a q&a, be prepared to answer "have you considered using large language models?" even if your talk is about how to make (for example) iced water.

actually that's the only thing i wanted to note. was i prepared for this question? yes, but no one asked it because i addressed it in my talk. i think if i were asked, i would have responded with "are you an ai? this sounds like something an ai would ask." you can borrow that answer if you ever find yourself in the hot seat.

xoxo jenn

this was published June 27, 2023 under tech living community talks decentralized toronto ai